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Chemical additives

The FEX system for dosage of chemical additives can handle up to seven different components, including fillers. There is a large number of addition points in the system and the on-line contact time between chemicals and fibres can be varied from the second time-scale up to eight minutes. The system is very flexible, with tanks, mobile pumps and connection hoses.

If required, chemicals are dissolved in tap water in advance. Additives like retentions aids are diluted in tap water and good mixing with the stock is ensured with in-line mixers. Starch solutions are prepared from a slurry in a jet cooker with direct steam in the cooking zone. Fillers are dispersed and stored in one or several tanks.

All chemicals and fillers are added using variable speed dosage pumps, which are controlled from the computer system, based on flow rates recorded by individual flow meters.

Schematic of addition of seven components (chemicals and fillers) in the FEX system. 

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