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Sustainability evaluations

Innventia helps companies to evaluate the sustainability of processes and products. Innventia's competencies and measuring tools throughout the entire value chain can be combined in different ways according to the customer's requirements, in order to carry out sustainability evaluations including financial, environmental and social aspects, thereby creating more complete decision-making data for the customer.

Sustainability Platform

We have developed a Sustainability Platform for packaging, consisting of a number of competence modules:

  1. Environment
  2. Material
  3. Performance
  4. Consumer insight

Click through to find out how we have used the platform in various evaluations.

Identifying, verifying and selecting

The use of the Sustainability Platform encourages the development of new adapted products by identifying, verifying and selecting the activities and resources which have the least impact from a lifecycle perspective.

Innventia's expertise within sustainability evaluation systems, which is based on e.g. LCA, LCC and S-LCA, ensures that our work is carried out in line with international practice.


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