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Life cycle assessment

It is important for companies to have good knowledge about the effect their products and services have on the environment, in order to make the best possible active contribution towards reducing environmental impact.

Knowledge about the overall picure as well as the sub-processes

At Innventia, we work with life cycle assessment (LCA), which is an effective tool when evaluating the environmental impact of a product or service. In an LCA, the product's environmental impact is investigated in every respect, from raw material extraction through until when the product is recycled or becomes waste. This provides an overall picture, as well as knowledge about the environmental impact of the various sub-processes.

Companies can then focus their actions on those processes in the value chain that have the greatest environmental impact. The results from an LCA can also be used in product development and marketing.

For example, the results from an LCA can be used for:

  • Developing new products and improving existing products
  • Comparisons between alternative products
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing and product information for consumers
  • Political decision-making data

Knowledge and extensive experience

Innventia has knowledge about the environment, material properties, and the production, handling and distribution of products, focusing on pulp, paper, packaging and printed media. With this knowledge, and through extensive experience, many life cycle assessments have been carried out for companies and industry organisations within the materials, packaging and media industry. Innventia also carries out environmental evaluations of products made using new developed materials and products from biorefineries.

Lifecycle analyses are carried out in accordance with international standard ISO 14044:2006, and the software used is GaBi.

Woman leaning agains a tree.

All activities has an impact on the environment. LCA is an effective tool to use when evaluating a product's environmental impact.


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