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Working with indicators allows a company to carry out comparisons and monitor improvements. Indicators can be used to communicate the company's sustainability and environmental work in an objective and credible manner in its contact with customers, the public, authorities and employees.

Targets which provides motivation

Innventia helps companies to choose suitable indicators which highlight the most important environmental aspects and are related to relevant comparison measures, such as per tonne of product or turnover. These indicators can be used to set targets which provide motivation for continued improvements. Innventia can carry out evaluations of monitoring work.

Innventia has extensive experience of working with environmental indicators within packaging and sustainability, and within the graphic industry. Innventia was involved in the EU project Eforwood, and developed a new tool – ToSIA – for carrying out sustainability assessments of fibre-based products (see the link to the right).

MINT - A model for the graphic industry

Innventia has developed a model for the graphic industry in order to work with joint environmental indicators (MINT). Innventia currently works on an on-going basis with 20 daily newspapers in Sweden, which carry out annual inventorying, as well as calculating indicators and evaluating their environmental work using tools supplied by Innventia. This results in a broad understanding of sustainability work within the graphic industry.

Relevant indicators for effective monitoring and evaluation of its sustainability performance.


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