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Printing dynamics

This tool enables you to simulate the complex printing processes in a realistic way. The impacts of individual factors can be studied. This provides valuable information for papermakers, ink-makers and printers. For example, the effects of printer settings (nip load, dimension of nip cylinders and speed), ink properties (viscosity, surface tension and contact angle) and paper properties (topology, porosity, pore-size distributions, etc) can be simulated/quantified.

Printing is a dynamic process, in which ink interacts with printing nip and paper substrate, as illustrated in the figure. Printing dynamics govern the whole printing process, from ink-transfer to ink drying. Hence almost all of the printing quality problems can find their origins in the printing dynamics, such as missing dots, mottling, uncovered area, etc.

Beskrivning: NIP_Pressure_Illustration.png
Illustrations of printing dynamics. The curve depicts the evolution of the nip pressure along time.


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Li Yang, "Ink dynamics and ink transfer under printing nip", Proc. Paper Phys. Conf. (2012).