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Colour management

You can come to us if you need help achieving accurate, reproducible colours in print, or if you want to compare colour reproduction between different materials, for example. Accurate colour reproduction is important in order to create a uniform brand image. The quality should be evenly high and the colours should look the same, regardless of whether the material has been printed using different printing techniques, in different places or on different substrates.

We have expertise in standardising the printing process

In order to be able to deliver the same quality every time, it is important to have control of your production processes and to work in a consistent manner. This applies to everything from pre-press and colour management to printing press settings. When we talk about uniform quality from different printers and on substrates from different suppliers, "high print quality" might in some cases be given a slightly lower priority than achieving uniform quality. This might mean, for example, that certain printers could achieve a greater colour space on certain papers, but that it is more important for an advert to look the same regardless of the paper it has been printed on. In these cases, it is worth choosing appropriate ISO standards or industry agreements.

From producing specific ICC profiles...

We can also help with developing the best conditions suitable for a specific product. New materials do not always fit in with existing standards, and may give better printing if, for example, the target values for printing and ICC profiles are adapted to suit a specific substrate.

... to comparing products and settings

We are often commissioned with comparing print quality – including colour reproduction – between different products, materials or techniques. Thanks to our experience from print quality evaluations, test printing and the many analysis methods we use, we can give an independent opinion of how similar the printing is or whether a particular combination of substrate/technique works better. In most cases, this involves comparisons between different paper or board products, but it could also involve studies of how different techniques (screening, inks, plates, speeds, etc.) affect the printing.

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Woman looking at printed images in a lab

The consumer should not be able to see that food packaging may have been printed on different occasions and on board from a number of different suppliers.


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