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Tissue paper research

The competition among tissue producers and retailers is strong, which has put a lot of pressure on prices and production costs. In many parts of the world, there is a lack of available traditional paper-making fibres, while standards of living and the demand for hygiene products are rapidly increasing.

Better tissue for less

This development requires the efficient use of raw material and energy in tissue production. Is it possible to retain important properties, such as softness and absorption, while using fewer fibres or alternative production processes?

Innventia's activities in the area of tissue include the evaluation of fibres in terms of energy consumption, to characterising sheet structure and absorption behaviour. To assist us, we have the appropriate equipment, such as high speed infrared thermography for dynamic absorption measurements, x-ray computer tomography for sheet structure analysis, surface topography analysis, using the OptiTopo method, and pore volume analysis, using the TRI method.

Inventia's Tissue Research Cluster

A research cluster project on tissue runs as a part of the Innventia Cluster Research Programme since 2010. In April 2013 a second period of this cluster commenced which will run until 2015.  



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