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Coating color preparation and characterization

The coating laboratory is well equipped for preparation and characterization of coating colors. The properties that can be characterized include:

  • Pigment brightness
  • Pigment oarticle size distribution from sedimentation (Sedigraph) and light scattering (Malvern)
  • Low shear rate rheology
  • High shear viscosity
  • Water retention of coating colors

Coating equipment

The laboratory coater, Heliocoater is used to apply pigment coatings to different substrates. Another faster technique is down-draw rod coaters.

Coating layer and coated paper characterization

Innventia has an advanced instrument park to characterize surfaces, both physically and chemically. Some of the analyses are:

  • Coating coverage and coat weight distribution: SEM, burn-out
  • Surface topography with optical non-contact techniques: FRT MicroProf and OptiTopo
  • Coating pore structure
  • Contact angle, surface energy amd acid-base properties
  • Drop absorption of drops sized from 35 pl to 4 ml.
  • Characterization of uniformity in absorptivity
  • Contact area under compression
  • Uniformity in surface compressibility
  • Mechanical properties of coating layers: pick tests, stress-strain curves for coating layers
  • Water induced waviness of coated paper (simulation of fluting in heat-set web-offset printing).