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Surface treatment – coating

Pigment coating is a common way of improving the optical properties and printability of a paper surface. We normally help customers with troubleshooting, benchmarking, product development, optimisation of processes and products, characterisation of coating colours and coating layers, interactions between paper and printing inks such as ink setting and drying, etc.

We have tools to characterise the surface and its interaction with ink, as well as knowledge of ink-paper interaction, surface chemistry, printing ink chemistry, etc., enabling us to find better solutions.

We have special interests and competences within the following fields:

  • Colour preparation and characterisation
  • Coating structure (topography and pore structure)
  • Surface chemistry and surface energy
  • Wetting and absorption of liquids by coatings
  • Coating-ink interaction
  • Ink chemistry
  • Ink drying
  • Relationship between the coating properties and print quality of coated paper
  • Friction and adhesion of coated surfaces


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