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Stock preparation

Stock preparation involves a series of operations by which pulp properties are tailored to fit the product produced. To balance the efficiency and reliability of the papermaking process against end-product quality is a crucial factor in stock preparation optimization.

Innventia's technology platform for stock preparation is based on extensive research in low consistency refining, screening, fractionation and on-line measurement technology for fibre properties as well as mill audit experiences. It can be used to optimize raw-materials choices, furnish composition and product quality parameters.

The stock preparation system at our FEX pilot plant, designed with industrial-sized equipment, can model most industrial process concepts.

Fractionation and Screening

Fractionation is a unit operation for separating a fibre stream into two or more flows (fractions) on the basis of fibre properties. Fractionation makes selective purification, treatment and utilisation of fractions possible, which can be useful where multiple or stratified products are at issue.

The fractionation expertise at Innventia extends to both screen- and hydrocyclone-based systems. We can assist our customers in assessing performance and optimising processes.

The fractionation system at the FEX pilot plant allows studies to be carried out at industrial scale. Fractionated pulp can be fed into the FEX paper machine to produce single- and multi-layered products under commercially relevant conditions.


Low consistency refining is a process that in spite of that it has been in use in its present concept for more than 60 years still is very little understood. During the last 10 years extensive refining research at Innventia has resulted in a unique understanding of refining effects on fibre properties and how different process alternatives effect the refining result. The conventional concept of refining intensity has been found to give a rough estimate of refining conditions but is not sufficient to fully explain the refining result


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