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Process chemistry

Innventia's most recent focus in the field of process chemistry has been retention chemistry, fibre surface analysis and the alleviation of wet-end problems caused by dissolved and colloidal substances.

One particular aspect has been improving the formation of paper at a given retention level. Such studies include pilot papermaking trials with various types of formation aids and their integration with retention aid systems (e.g. to be able to produce high filler papers), as well as studies into how fibre flocculation is affected by chemical additives.

In conjunction with topochemical surface charge grafting, detailed studies have been conducted into surface charge distribution in the cell wall of fibres and how this affects polyelectrolyte adsorption and the performance of various wet-end additives. One particular aspect has been replacing beating with additives, while maintaining the productivity of paper machines.

Wet-end chemistry

In terms of wet-end chemistry, our focus is to solve problems related to detrimental substances in the paper mill. When increasing the closure of the papermaking process, the organic substances in the process tend to accumulate and may cause problems, e.g. by deposit formation or by disturbing the effect of performance chemicals. A survey of the process can be useful in order to obtain knowledge of the chemical status of the process and thereby solve the problems.

Another field of interest is the efficiency of additives, such as fixatives and retention aids. We have carried out a number of projects dealing with the development and optimisation of new additives, efficiency tests, sensitivity to detrimental substances etc.


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Effects of released organic substances on sizing
efficiency – Influence of origin, composition and molecular properties of the organic material
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