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Performance chemistry

The field of performance chemistry includes both various performance additives and the effects of chemistry on swelling and mechanical properties.

One focus area in recent years has been the topochemical surface modification of fibres in order to boost fibre-fibre bond strength, sizing performance and the performance of wet-end additives in general. Most activities have been related to the introduction of new technologies, such as topochemical surface charge grafting and polyelectrolyte multilayering. One particular emphasis has been additives in order to improve the convertability of paper/board materials.

Another focus area in recent years has been AKD sizing, particularly AKD retention strategies and AKD hydrolysis (and catalys ed hydrolysis).

Our most commonly used test methods

Below is a list of our commonly used test methods. Please contact us for more information.

  • Fibre charge measurements (carboxylic acid groups, and/or sulphonic acid groups). Analysis of bulk charge density and surface charge density
  • Zeta potential analysis.
  • Zeta potential analysis of fibres, Mütek SZP.
  • Turbidity.
  • Ultra filtration of dissolved material into high and low molecular mass material.
  • Particle size distribution.
  • Nitrogen content measurements, Antek.
  • Ultra filtration of polymer solutions (molecular weight fractionation).
  • Molecular weight measurements of various polymers (HPLC).
  • Particle size measurements in liquid phase.
  • FSP, Fibre Saturation Point.
  • Laboratory scale fibre fractionation with BDDJ.


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