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The forming process controls much of the internal structure of the paper sheet, and thus has a decisive impact on the product properties. Understanding forming is essential in order to achieve high production efficiency and to develop new products and product segments. At Innventia, forming is a topic spanning everything from fundamental research into fibre suspension flows, to the development of technology platforms, through to contract work.

This wide scope is possible thanks to the unique range of facilities available at Innventia, from the FEX pilot system at the large-scale end, down to all the equipment necessary to set up controlled small-scale laboratory experiments.

New ideas for process modifications and novel concepts

Fundamental insights are frequently turned into ideas for process modifications and novel concepts, which may conveniently be tested and further developed using our resources. Examples include an extended support blade invented to prevent formation defects during high-speed twin-wire forming and the Aq-vane concept for stratified forming. R&D activities relaing to forming are also undertaken on commission from client companies.


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