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A number of important material characteristics can be influenced during the manufacturing process step in which the paper web is subjected to drying. Innventia conducts research aimed at developing techniques to understand drying processes and the influence of different drying strategies on paper properties.

The STFI biaxial dryer allows us to study the drying process under variable conditions in terms of tension and stretching. The effectiveness of drying processes can be measured using load sensors or specially designed strain gauges. Our pressing/drying simulator and the dryers in our EuroFEX pilot plant allow us to simulate paper machine drying processes.

Great potential for energy savings

Drying, i.e. water evaporation, is both energy intensive and equipment intensive. For example, the 100 m long drying section of a paper machine removes only about one hundredth of the water compared to the 20 m long wire and press section combined. Improving the mechanical dewatering processes in both the wire and press sections has therefore been a key target in order to make the papermaking process more energy-efficient.