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Production and converting

The performance of paperboard packaging depends on the material properties and the converting processes used in production. Creasing and folding are important converting processes which are the focus of Innventia’s research, where both experimental methods and modelling are employed. The through thickness variation of mechanical properties in the paperboard has a large influence of the performance in creasing and folding.

We can provide your company with a knowledge base on converting through our research programmes and offer you testing of a wide range of paperboard properties that are important for creasing and folding. Our flatbed and rotary die cutting pilot machines crease and cut paperboard under realistic production conditions and can give valuable insights on full-scale production.

In particular, we have developed methods to measure how the mechanical properties vary through the thickness of the paperboard. Individual plies in the paperboard can be separated by grinding and then characterized experimentally using common methods for testing of paper and paperboard. Other measurement techniques such as the notched shear test have been developed specifically for needs in converting.

Cross section of creased paperboard after folding

Innventia's rotary die cutting pilot machine


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Nygårds M, Just M and Tryding J (2009), ”Experimental and numerical studies of creasing of paperboard”, International Journal of Solids and Structures 46, 2493–2505