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Printing on packaging

We can help you with characterisation of printing surfaces, colour management, test printing, print evaluation, image analysis and implementing analysis methods. We have in-depth expertise in printing and how to achieve the desired print quality for packaging and paper. At RISE Bioeconomy paper, board, ink and printing press producers can come together with converters and printers within the context of our printed communication research projects. We carry out research and development directly alongside industrial application.

The significance of the surface for printing results

We have a great deal of experience in which paper and board properties are important in terms of printing results. We can help with analysing these properties.

Predicting and creating better printability on paper and board

We focus on methods that can predict printability. This provides quality assurance within the paper-ink-print value chain and the role played by the surface in processing and refining materials, and in finished products.

Measuring print quality

You can come to us if you need help analysing print quality (technical or perceptual) and material properties.

Simulating the printing process and optical modelling

We have developed simulation tools which simulate the optical responses of paper and print, based on the paper structure and ink application. We also have simulation tools for studying the dynamics of the printing process.

Colour management to ensure accurate colour reproduction

You can come to us if you need help obtaining accurate, reproducible colours in print, or if you want to compare colour reproduction between different materials, for example.

Advanced printing and new functions

Developments are heading towards more advanced printing and new functions, for example to apply materials or obtain new functions by employing different printing techniques. We can help with printing surface characterisation and ink-substrate interaction using relevant measuring methods and theoretical tools to optimise this for different applications.

Woman and man viewing a printhead for inkjet

Knowledge of the printing process and how paper and board properties affect printability and runnability are important when producing printed matter. Our measuring methods measure the quality of the print which is in accordance with visual assessment.


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Correct measurements of half-tone print mottle on flexo printed linerboard, Teleman Anita, Christiansson Hans, Johansson Per-Åke, Fahlcrantz Carl-Magnus, Lindberg Siv, STFI-Rapport: 39