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Packaging development

A product requires different levels of protection. The means of transport place several demands on the package. Optimal packaging complies with the demands for protection, saves money and protects the environment. Your product deserves packaging which offers efficient protection.

Product and packaging design requires detailed knowledge of products, packaging and the distribution environment, as well as the interaction between them. This knowledge is obtained by measuring the distribution environment, carrying out product durability and packaging tests, and in-depth materials expertise.

How do we do it?

Your product and its strength and durability are the bases for our development. Then add the stresses during handling and transportation, and our experienced consultants and engineers have the basic conditions to develop the optimal package for your product. This is our in-house Systematic Packaging Development process.

The six steps of Systematic Packaging Development.

In order to offer you the most suitable solutions for your product, we cooperate with packaging industry players in different parts of the value chain, both in Sweden and abroad. We are an independent and neutral partner in your packaging development process.

We can support you by:

  • Incremental changes of existing packaging or radical new solutions
  • A situation assessment, e.g. a study of the packaging process, resulting in rationalisation proposals
  • Packaging consultation in relation to the packaging's ability to protect
  • Calculating vibration damping and shock absorptionrecommending suitable packaging materials
  • Producing packaging instructions and manuals
  • Damage inspections
  • Company-specific packaging training

The advantages of Systematic Packaging Development

  1. Faster market launch by eliminating product design weaknesses in terms of dynamic stresses at an early stage
  2. Optimal packaging and product design, in terms of both protection and cost
  3. Improved product quality and reliability
  4. Reduced transit damage and guarantee and servicing costs
  5. Reduced packaging and transportation costs, for example by increasing the filling ratio
  6. Minimised environmental impact
  7. Increased goodwill when the customer receives a manageable, desired product on time



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