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Optimal packaging meets the need for product protection, while saving money and protecting the environment. At the same time, it also performs a functional role for all users throughout the value chain, whether they are professionals or end-consumers.

From raw material to shop shelf

We can help you with all aspects of developing and evaluating packaging. Our expertise within the field of packaging stretches from the raw material and its properties through to the end-consumer's perception of the packaging on the shop shelf.

This could involve enhancing the performance of your packaging during conversion, printing or in-store handling. Or it could involve using smart functions of the material or printing ink to take your packaging to new heights.

We can also help you to ensure that the packaging fulfils its most important function: protecting the product, during both transport and storage. We have a fully equipped testing centre for this purpose, with apparatus for tests such as vibration tests and climate tests.

Sustainable packaging

Sustainability is an important area for us. Here at RISE Bioeconomy, we develop new materials and barriers from renewable raw materials, and we have already seen a number of successful innovative market launches. However, sustainability also involves a multitude of other aspects. The breadth of our expertise, equipment and tools means that we can help you to carry out a full evaluation, based on environmental, economic and social aspects.

Självöppnande förpackning
Self-opening package developed by Innventia.