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Today’s commercial carbon fibre

The current global production of carbon fibre is approximately 50,000 tonnes. Carbon fibre is used in applications where high mechanical performance and low weight are more important than low cost.

With a lower price, the market for carbon fibre would be considerably larger than it is today. Growth is high, even with today’s relatively high carbon fibre price, and by 2020 the use of carbon fibres is expected to more than double. The most significant growth in volume is anticipated to be in the wind power industry. There is also a large potential in the automotive industry, where a lower price is crucial in terms of growth in volume.

Road map Usage carbon fibre Innventia

Use of carbon fibre in 2011 and forecast for 2022 (tonnes).

There is not a great number of manufacturers of carbon fibres, and these are dominated by nine companies, based mainly in the U.S., Japan and Germany. Toray and Zoltek have recently merged, and are now the world's dominant manufacturer of carbon fibre. One new player with a high level of ambition is AKSA in Turkey, 50% of which is owned by Dow. Other new ambitious players include SABIC in Saudi Arabia and HCC in Russia. BMW owns 50% of SGL.

Road map Manufacturers carbon fibres Innventia

Major manufacturers of carbon fibre and their estimated share of global capacity in 2011.

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