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Swedish lignin-based carbon fibre in composite materials of the future

Carbon fibre is strong and light and has many applications. Today, the demand for carbon fibre is mainly limited by the high cost. As a result, the material is currently primarily used in products where performance is more important than price. By introducing a cost-effective lignin-based carbon fibre, the market could increase considerably. With this road map, we show how this will be possible in just ten years.

Our vision is that by 2025 we will have:

  • developed a new high-value Swedish product from wood raw materials: lignin-based carbon fibre, for use primarily in advanced composite materials,
  • developed Swedish R&D, research infrastructure and production expertise throughout the value chain, from forest-based raw materials to high quality carbon fibre for use in advanced construction materials,
  • created a demand for and use of lignin-based carbon fibre in several different applications, and
  • made a significant contribution towards establishing industrial carbon fibre production in Sweden.

Road map Carbon fibre Innventia

Stakeholders in the value chain for Swedish lignin-based carbon fibre that cooperate in the Vinnova-financed project: "Test bed for Swedish lignin-based carbon fibre", 2013-2015.

The targets will be achieved through a close cooperation between Innventia and Swerea SICOMP, from pulp-mill-produced lignin to lignin-based carbon fibre composites and components, in close collaboration with industrial players along the value chain. It is important to emphasize that, although the value chain is long, two existing value chains are linked together through the production of lignin fibres. The driving force for the forest industry is a new product, and for businesses further down the value chain the driving force is the need for cost-effective, renewable carbon fibre.

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