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New materials

The future will soon be here.

At RISE Bioeconomy, we are working to develop new materials and products to meet the needs of the future and one key focus is that these new materials should be sustainable. This is important in view of both climate change and the rising oil prices that we are already experiencing today. Our customers within the forest industry also have a real need to find new applications for cellulose-based fibres.

By-products from the forest industry or the food industry

In order to meet these needs, a significant proportion of our research operations is focused on finding new materials and products made from cellulose and other renewable raw materials, such as by-products from the forest industry or the food industry. One interesting area in which we work is for example bioplastics, which are a relatively new category of plastic, generally based on entirely renewable polymers and additives.

Nanocellulose is another expanding area of our business where our pilot plant for production on a large scale is useful for showing the  potential for commercialisation of various applications. From the pulp mill biorefinery, we can extract pure lignin as raw material for many new applications.

The constituent parts affect the properties

When a new material is developed, it is important to know how it is made up. What are the constituent parts, and how do they hold together and behave? These factors affect the properties of the material and the type of product or application for which the material will be most useful. The actual manufacturing process and the design of the material are also important for the new material, as are its ability to communicate through properties such as surface, printing or interactivity.

On the pages below, you can find out more about the materials we research and develop together with our customers here at Innventia.

Två barn som klättrar på stolar gjorda av återvinningsbart material
Chairs made from a renewable material.