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Wood and Fibre Measurement Centre

The Innventia Wood and Fibre Measurement Centre is a resource useful for research and development in a wide spectrum of areas: forests, trees, wood, fibres and products. The Centre has access to an arsenal of methods for the characterisation of properties of wood and fibres on solid wood and pulp samples, for broad-leaves/hardwoods also vessel elements. The methods are efficient enough to allow measurements on representative numbers of sample.

Instruments and methods

The Innventia Wood and Fibre Measurement Centre has a number of efficient instruments to characterise properties of wood, fibres, vessels and pulp such as:

  • SilviScan;
  • NIR Wood Scanner
  • STFI FiberMaster and L&W FiberTester
  • Measurement of fibres and vessel elements
  • Wood measurements.

The Centre has also access to a wide range of other instruments, laboratory facilities and expertice within Innventia, for instance for the anlysis of chemical composition of wood, production of pulps, pulp and paper testing and microscopy and efficient routines to evaluate data and present results.

Detailed information may be obtained about radial variations from pith to bark or about averages for various entities, such as stem/log cross-sections, battens for mechanical testing of wood, juvenile and mature wood, annual rings, as well as earlywood and latewood of rings. From such radial measurements at different heights in trees, maps on within stem variations may be built.

Strong network of research groups

The Centre provides a unique combination of expertise and equipment complemented with a strong network of research groups and industrial partners, nationally and internationally. More than 40 research units world-wide have so far made use of data from the Centre, in projects spanning from fundamental studies of doctoral students to development of industrial applications.

The team of researchers working in the Centre has also large experience from developing of measurement systems, both for the laboratory and for on-line use in the industry. Competence is available to develop new methods and to adapt existing methods to new measurement conditions, which may occur for instance when new wood species or types of pulp are to be analysed.