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Models and simulation for wood and fibres in trees

Measurement data on wood and fibre properties combined with background data on origin, growth conditions, etc. are used to develop models for between and within trees, forest stands and species. The models are used in simulation. The models of Innventia are normally dedicated to applications, but research is also performed, often within cooperative projects with universities and institutes.

Mapping of properties

By combining property models with data on growth and interior structure of trees, measured or simulated, interior properties of stems may be mapped and parts of trees compared, for instance parts related to products. Many properties of importance for both pulp and paper production and sawmills may be included.

From trees to large forest resources

Innventia has developed a concept to expand this from trees to forest stands and large forest resources. Forest Resource Databases have been built for supply areas of mills and regions, as well as a National Forest Resource Database for all Sweden.

Models with different levels of detail

Models for different properties and with different levels of detail are needed depending on the application. To predict raw material effects on properties of fibre networks in paper, one may have to describe fibre distributions, whereas it may be enough with macro-scale properties to predict mechanical properties of sawn boards.

Tools have been developed for building such different types of models, matching the stream-lined routines for sampling, forest data, measurements and database structures. This has improved the efficiency and quality in modelling properties of various wood species.