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Chemical pulping and bleaching

Innventia has solid knowledge and experience of chemical pulping, with access to modern equipment and qualified scientists, recognised both nationally and internationally. We can provide the answers and information you need within the following areas:

  • the suitability of wood varieties for use in different paper and special cellulose grades
  • cooking and bleaching conditions
  • simultaneous shearing and compression of the chip column during cooking
  • new cooking/bleaching agents
  • bleachability and brightness stability
  • pulp reactivity
  • metal management
  • pulp and fibre properties
  • environmental impact
  • chip pre-treatment
  • wood raw material

As well as improving existing processes for kraft cooking, oxygen delignification and bleaching, we also develop new processes for chemical pulping. Focus areas include:

  • Optimised strategies for pulping and bleaching with regard to pulp quality and process economy
  • Development of specialty cellulose pulps with high reactivity
  • Integration of biorefinery processes into chemical pulp mills
  • New low-effluent and sustainable pulp processes

Ask us about chemical pulp – we have the answers for pulping and bleaching


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