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Lignin from black liquor – now on a full scale

Lignin for fuel applications or refining can be obtained in large quantities from kraft mill black liquor using the LignoBoost process (developed by Chalmers University of Technology and Innventia, now owned by Valmet). The first commercial plant started up at a Domtar mill in the USA spring 2013.

At Innventia's LignoBoost demonstration facility in Bäckhammar, we have been producing various special grades of kraft lignin for our customers for several years now. A number of interesting applications are being tested, such as antioxidants, binders and dispersants.

Carbon fibre

Carbon fibre is one example of an interesting high value lignin product from the kraft pulp mill. Greater access to carbon fibre – and carbon fibre that is bio-based and available at a competitive cost – would mean that more products could be made from high-performance lightweight materials. Potential applications include rotor blades for wind turbines, or as a replacement for steel in cars. Innventia can now prepare carbon fibre on a laboratory scale that is 100 percent based on kraft lignin. Find out more by following the link to the right.

Activated carbon

Another application for lignin that Innventia is currently working on is activated carbon for the purification of gases and liquids. Over 80 percent of today's activated carbon is fossil-based, and lignin represents a potential bio-based alternative.


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