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Biorefinery separation processes

A wood-based biorefinery requires efficient and cost-effective process technologies for the separation of compounds from process streams. These compounds can then be refined into valuable biobased new materials, chemicals and fuels. Innventia has world-leading competence in this field, and can offer consulting where processes are studied either in our well-equipped laboratory or directly on location at mill sites.


  • The patented LignoBoost process for the extraction of lignin from black liquor.
  • High-temperature membrane separation of e.g. hemicelluloses from process liquids.
  • Leaching of inorganic and/or organic compounds from wood chips.
  • Upgrading of hemicelluloses through precipitation and washing processes to high purities.
  • Separation of suberin and betulin from hardwood bark using a water-based method (patent pending).

To provide the whole picture, aspects relating to energy balances, further processing into chemicals or materials and mill systems can also be investigated.


Ultrafiltration with ceramic membranes is one of our tools for the separation of hemicellulose from process streams, e.g. xylan from black liquor.


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