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Biorefining and Pulping

Less than a decade ago, a wood-based biorefinery was seen as something extremely futuristic. However, this position has definitely changed. Here we are proud that the research we and our partners have carried out has made a significant contribution towards this.

Separation processes in the biorefinery

A wood-based biorefinery requires effective process technology for separating different derivatives from process streams. One overall objective of our operations is to develop effective processes for all wood derivatives, which can be integrated into the pulp mill and result in unique products. We are working on several interesting applications, both for lignin and for hemicellulose and cellulose. LignoBoost is one of the technologies available and ready for use to develop your biorefinery concept.

We boasts world-leading expertise in this field, and we can help you with studies carried out either in our well-equipped laboratory or on-site at your plant.

Pulp production

Within chemical pulp production and bleaching, we work with both improving existing processes and developing new ones. Together with our subsidiary PFI in Trondheim, we also have extensive experience within the field of mechanical pulp.

Process simulation and material balance

Chemical recovery and inorganic chemistry is another important area within which we have many years of experience. For example, we can help you to determine sodium and sulphur balances in the sulphate pulp mill – an important factor in order to maintain reasonable process economics. Using various types of process simulation, we can help you to minimise the negative effects of non-process substances in the mill.

Per Tomani holding a jar with kraft ligning

Per Tomani with pure lignin from LignoBoost - a potential feedstock for new materials and chemicals.