Normpack guide

The Normpack guide is a support for Normpack members for self-assessment of materials/articles intended to be in contact with food. It helps the user to find legislations, regulations or recommendations applicable for specific materials and it contains instructions to compile necessary and correct documentation to fulfil the Normpack Norm and obtain a Normpack Certificate.

The guide consists of :

  • Chapter 2 is a description of the Normpack Norm and what is required to meet its obligations in order to receive a Normpack Certificate.
  • Chapter 3 will help you to navigate on how to compile documentation and show conformity with the applicable rules as a basis to apply for a Normpack Certificate.
  • Chapter 4 describe the general requirements in EU, valid. for all materials.
  • Capter 5 contains information about 16 materials. For each material, the guide provides a description about the specific legislation and the supporting documentation needed to obtain a Normpack Certificate.
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