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The challenges lie in the practical aspects

“Process analysis and product variability in papermaking” is a field of research that takes significant account of sustainability. One of the goals is to achieve more consistent product quality for paper and cardboard, something that would allow more optimised products that use less raw material.

What will you be researching into?

The focus is on creating new methods and monitoring the process in order to gain more knowledge about a greater part of the production than is available today. Measurement scanners are now used that scan the paper or cardboard, and there is plenty that is not visible there. 

“We will look at the production and measure the variability of the process to understand where it comes from. Then we can reduce it as much as possible,” says Claes Holmqvist. 

What are the challenges?

Very large quantities of paper and cardboard are produced, and that makes it difficult to get comprehensive information on product quality and other important properties. The challenge is in both finding relevant measurement methods that “see” the entire production in sufficient resolution, and linking that information to other process and quality data in order to gain new insights. 

- “We want to achieve a certain quality and maintain it consistently. If what we deliver varies in quality, this may result in problems and production will then have been wasted,” says Claes.

How can the challenges be solved?

The field of research will develop tools to measure variability. This includes both instruments that measure in line within the production process, and new methods better suited to quantifying variability in product samples. 

“Part of the problem is general, but a large part of the value will come from applying the methods on individual large-scale production machinery. That will ensure that the results are used in practice,” concludes Claes.    

Claes Holmqvist is responsible for the area "Process analysis and product variability in papermaking" in the research program 2018-2020.


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