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It may be possible to prevent cracks developing in the board

“Boosting convertibility and printability of packaging” is an area that focuses on combining paper mechanics and printing. Ultimately it is hoped that it will be possible to develop new methods that can be used in board product development. Mikael Nygårds explains more.

What will you be researching into?

The research programme will focus on printing and mechanical properties in general. The intention is for board to function as well as possible, however it is used. But that requires a better measurement method for characterising it. By changing manufacturing or other concepts, it may be possible to prevent cracks developing in the board. 

“We are trying to get closer to companies and do things that they regard as relevant,” says Mikael.

What are the challenges?

One challenge is working towards an understanding of what happens in the material and why.  Another challenge for the industry is to verify good products and convince society of what works best.

“We should be able to use theoretical models and develop them and explain why measuring in a certain way is a good idea,” comments Mikael.

Paper is a unique material that is very difficult to measure and handle. The researchers want a certain type of damage to the material in order to prevent a different type. There is a trade-off, and so the researchers want to understand the different properties and how they interact.

How will you solve the challenges?

“We will look at a number of different testing methods and see which measure something relevant,” says Mikael.

The hope is to find a more effective method that can provide the same results as the material achieves today. The researchers will look at the properties of the board and the ink that will be printed. Based on that, they can develop an understanding of what needs to be measured and what it looks like.   

- “We want to work on upscaling to solve the problems that people regard as existing in the packaging field,” says Mikael.

Mikael Nygårs is responsible for the area "Boosting convertibility and printability of packaging" in the research program 2018-2020.

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