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The industry is changing at a rapid pace

The corrugated board industry needs to renew itself as the world around it changes at a rapid pace. The research programme will focus on the benefits and the unexploited potential of this material. Astrid Glasenapp explains more.

What will you be researching into?

The major problem with corrugated board is that it is very sensitive to moisture. Once in contact with moisture, the material’s performance is drastically reduced, and that problem has yet to be solved. Researchers want to understand what happens at both fibre and fibril level once the structure breaks up. They hope to be able to find smart solutions that illustrate how different types of additive can be used. 

 “We want to study the different results of the raw materials (liner and flute) being replaced with lighter materials,” says Astrid Glasenapp.

What are the challenges?

The fact that corrugated board loses so much of its strength in contact with moisture is known as creep. And that is something researchers want to prevent. We cannot currently measure creep very quickly, and so we want to create a new measuring method for this. 

Astrid believes that time is one of the major challenges, as the industry is changing at a rapid pace.

“We want to help companies to meet the demands they face,” says Astrid Glasenapp.

How can the challenges be solved?

“We will test new additives that may be able to prevent creep,” says Astrid.She also believes that the most important factor is to maintain a good dialogue with customers to find solutions.

E-commerce is also a challenge that will change the requirements placed on packaging in the near future. Astrid explains that the researchers will try to find solutions by combining different materials.

Astrid Glasenapp is responsible for the area "Improving corrugated board performance" in the research program 2018-2020.


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