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Digitalization can be more crucial in the future

Digitalization is creating numerous new opportunities to institute new business models. The research is adding new developments and technologies with the hope of configuring flexible information flows. Next year will be the first time that digitalization will be an area in the research programme. Peter Hansen provides further details.

What will you be researching?

The aim of this part of the research programme is to make better use of information from the value chain and to provide opportunities to find new business models. Working with information linked to a product’s properties will enable RISE Bioekonomi’s customers to optimize their existing processes. 

What are the challenges?

Peter Hansen perceives three challenges. The first challenge is about coordinating information and having it available in a platform where it is possible to work with raw data. The second challenge concerns which information should be used. 

“It is not a new challenge, but it is reinforced when there is so much information available”, Peter Hansen says.

The third challenge concerns the fact that companies need to have the courage to exchange data. Peter feels that it is then possible to obtain major benefits as new solutions to process problems or services can be developed. 

How are the challenges to be resolved?

The challenges will be highlighted during the research programme and work will be conducted with different methods to exemplify digitalization. 

“I want to show the industry how coordinating information in the right way makes it possible to look at the material flow from the forest to the sawmill and pulp mill and then divide the raw material up according to the predicted product quality”, Peter Hansen says.

If industry is going to take the risk of exchanging data it is going to need more knowledge and new opportunities, and looking at this area now, Peter Hansen believes that the forestry industry will learn lessons which might be absolutely crucial in the not too distant future. 

“I want to use data from the process variability in order to package it in a new way and sell it as a service for product conversion”, Peter Hansen says. 

Peter Hansen is responsible for the area "Digitalization opportunities in the bioeconomy" in the research program 2018-2020.


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