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The state of sustainable fashion at Fashion Week Stockholm

Fashion Week season is more than just new clothes. Recently finished Fashion Week Stockholm incorporated a panel debate titled Sustainable Fibers and Business Models.

The Swedish Fashion industry was gathered at Grand Hotel on 22 January, to listen to representatives from Filippa K, Grandpa, L’homme rouge and Mistra Future Fashion in a discussion about sustainability and fashion. The panel was moderated by Dr Philip Warkander and presented by The Woolmark Company.

One of the participants in the panel was Sigrid Barnekow, program director at Mistra Future Fashion, a cross-disciplinary research program coordinated by RISE with more than 60 research and industry partners.

Sigrid began by approaching the question from a helicopter perspective and pointed out the need to re-design today’s linear system in order to generate closed loops.

Read the entire article about the panel debate on the program website.

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