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Textile-like materials on display at Victoria & Albert Museum

Saturday April 21st opens the Fashioned from Nature exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Here will the textile paper materials developed within the RISE Bioeconomy Division be on dispay.

Researchers at RISE Bioeconomy have developed a biobased material made from wood pulp and starch from PLA.

The material can be both soft and tough, matte and glossy, flexible and stiff, textile-like and carton-like depending on how it is processed. It has therefore a wide range of potential applications.

The textile-like material has previously been used in award-winning graduation work and has also been shown during the European Paper Week in Brussels. Now the turn has come to the Fashioned from Nature exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

One of the objects on display is a paper-textile garment from the ‘ultra fast forward’ fashion design concept, developed collaboratively by Prof. Kay Politowicz and Dr. Kate Goldsworthy from UAL with Dr. Hjalmar Granberg from RISE.

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