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Scent by RISE

With three perfume packages where the raw material determines both scent and packaging, the graduate students Elin Strid and Malin Landerstedt show the potential of corrugated board development. The demonstrators are examples of the expanding corrugated board research within the RISE Bioeconomy division.

Working with demonstrators has been a successful recipe for RISE Bioeconomy to visualize research results. It is also easier to understand that something is technically possible to produce while giving rise to ideas about different applications. This is especially important when it comes to brand new materials. That way we have previously shown eye-catching demonstrators such as the self-opening package.

But research also devotes considerable resources to well-known and well-used materials. Right now, much happens in the field of corrugated board. And when the new research programme "The Bioeconomy Research Programme 2018-2020" began on January 1, "Improving corrugated board performance" was one of the programme areas that attracted most companies to participate. Among them one of the world's largest breweries. Jesper Berthold, Director of Packaging Development & Product Testing, has a theory:

"Corrugated board has good opportunities to gain market share and grow in completely new applications. But to do that, more basic research is required of the type made in the research programme. Therefore, we will look at things like new process solutions and relevant testing methods in issues related to moisture sensitivity, print quality limitations, and interactions between liner and fluting."

New and better material properties open for brand new applications. To demonstrate how corrugated board could be used in the beauty segment, two internships from the Nackademin in Stockholm conducted a work at RISE under the direction of Karin Edström in the Papermaking and Packaging unit. Based on a design brief that placed restrictions on the size of the packaging, Elin Strid and Malin Landerstedt thought about the choice of making perfume packaging as demonstrators:

"It is a challenge to make small packages. But with thinner board qualities, you can create smaller and elegant packaging that has good protective properties, as well as creating added value for the customer, for example through second use."

With the raw material as an identity for the packaging

Scent by RISE is a series of three packages where the raw material determines both fragrance and packaging. The paper for all packages is manufactured in RISE pilot facility FEX. According to Karin, an important part of the work has been consider the whole value chain from fibre to the box with repercibility in every step, and thus also characterize the whole way.

SOFT LIKE WOOD is made entirely of soft wood, ie pine. Elin and Malin gave the strongest quality the most powerful scent of perfume. The graphic should bear the thoughts of the pine, the yellow shades will give a warm feeling.

BRACING LIKE EUCALYPTUS - pure like the fragrance of eucalyptus - is an uplifting eau de toilette. It is made of a paper mix of Soft wood and Eucalyptus. The cool healthy shades will take the thought of the fog that emerges when the eucalyptus oil evaporates from the trees.

RENEWED LIKE NATURE - where the circle closes - takes advantage of nature's assets and is made of 100 percent recycled fibre. Elin and Malin illustrated nature by creating a pattern of the fibres. Eau de Cologne is the weakest scent, but comes with renewed energy obtained from the plant kingdom.

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