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Roadmaps toward the future bioeconomy

Published 21/01/2016
The Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) present eight complementary roadmaps 2015-2025 for how to reach the future bioeconomy in which the forest industries and agriculture all have a vital role to play.

The forest industries and agriculture all have a vital role to play in the bioeconomy of the future. They can provide solutions for some of the important challenges facing society today. Advanced products based on resources from these sectors have a lower environmental impact and can replace non-renewable and resource-intensive products, such as cotton, steel and fossil fuels. The development of value chains for these innovative products requires a multidisciplinary approach and close collaboration between research institutes, universities, industry and government. The Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) now present eight complementary roadmaps for how to reach the future bioeconomy.

“RISE functions as a centre of excellence and innovation, with modern test and demonstration facilities and an extensive network with universities, governmental authorities and industry,” says Dr. Peter Axegård, Project Leader of the RISE Bioeconomy Project.

Roadmaps for the period 2015-2025:

  1. The pulp mill biorefinery
  2. Lignin-based carbon fibre
  3. Materials from nanocellulose
  4. Textile materials from cellulose
  5. Bio-based composites
  6. Food industry and pulp mills in symbiosis
  7. Biofuels for low-carbon steel industry
  8. Sensors for increased resource efficiency

The documents and a summary of each roadmap presented in a brochure can be downloaded (see link to the right).

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