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International expectations for NWBC

Participants at the Nordic World Biorefinery Center 2017 mingled extensively on Tuesday morning and put up their jobs. Many international guests were very interested in what the day had to offer.




"I hope for interesting seminars and it’s nice to meet all the people", says Tuomo Hilli, Valmet Technologies, Finland.







"It's the first time I'm on the NWBC and I do not really know what to expect. But I'm interested in projects related to the pulp and paper processes. My stay so far has been amazing. I am very impressed by the work", says Stephanie Horner, Mantech, Canada.






"We would like to strengthen cooperation with the Swedish research institute and share our knowledge. It can lead to interesting discussions that we can take with us", says Marzouk Benali, Natural Resources Canada.




What do you want to know more about?

"Lignin! My boss told me to listen very carefully to the seminar", says Kateryna Woss.

"I am very interested in the Swedish research. It is often very stimulating and I want to know more about all areas", says Danuta Mozdyniewicz.



Fredrik Aldaeus from Rise Bioeconomy was one of the speakers and showed results of a survey about materials that consumers valued. The results showed differences depending on where the consumers lived. But all consumers agreed that natural materials is a priority.

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