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October 11-13, the European Corrugated Paper Association FEFCO held its annual technical seminar and exhibition in Vienna. RISE was the only research institute at the seminar and can report on a growing event.

"There were over 1,000 people there from the corrugated board industry and its suppliers, and it is gratifying to see that the major issues are now taking place," says Astrid Odeberg Glasenapp.

Which were the big questions?

"Industry 4.0 and digitization were big interests at the exhibition. A big and engaging issue is digital printing. Everyone wants to print digitally, but there is uncertainty about how to do it best and how to prepare the paper for digital printing. There are many suppliers but also many solutions. Which or who are the best? I think it will turn out in maybe three years", says Astrid Glasenapp.

As a member of FEFCO's Production Committee, Astrid was chairman of a session during the seminar. She also held herself a so-called "Spotlight presentation" about the latest from corrugated paper research. An example of this could be demonstrated in conjunction with colleagues Jesper Berthold and Thomas Trost in RISE booth.

"Many people demand radically new grips in the corrugated board production. Here we can contribute ideas such as saying outside the box. It was fun to showcase some of what we think will be the future. For example, we showed samples from a project called "Durawell" where we tested to blend PLA into the paper to make it more water resistant and with new ways to glue the layers together. We also showed examples of how to use different embossments and patterns".

The bench also gave a test of current and upcoming activities within the Industrial Development Group for Corrugated Board SUW.

"I noted that the SUW was often quoted during the conference and obviously means a lot for the industry, not least the new standard launched this year. Hopefully, the new radical approaches we will see in the forthcoming three-year research program The Bioeconomy Research Program cast out equal interest", Astrid concludes.

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