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New life for On the go packaging

Unfortunately, the trend of increasingly consuming on the go is a behavior that causes littering. Empty packaging, plastic cutlery and other disposable items end up in parks and on beaches despite increased environmental awareness. RISE, together with actors along the entire value chain, are therefore going to identify nodes for increased collection, recycling and reuse of so-called On the go packaging.

Photo: Fotograf Johan Olsson
Photo: Fotograf Johan Olsson

The project runs for one year and is financed by Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation Agency. In addition to RISE, the consortium consists of COOP Sweden, Duni, Stockholm Consumer Cooperative Society, Papstar Sweden, The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation, FTI, Sugi Group (PantaPå) and Örnsköldsvik's municipality.

The whole press release is available in Swedish.

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