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Miljöpack responds Naturvårdsverket concerning the supervision of producer responsibility for packaging

The trade and Industry group Miljöpack has submitted a response to the Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) regarding their mission on the enforcement of producer responsibility for packaging.

In response argues Miljöpack to the responsibility for the design requirements should be placed on the filler or importer, they are those that have the greatest impact on the choice of packaging. This means that the responsibility for the construction falls together with the practice established for the other part of producer responsibility concerning the collection.

Relating to the construction requirements consider Miljöpack that the concept of "harmful substances" is unclear and needs to be defined.

Cathrine Löfgren– It is important that Miljöpack can coordinate industry views about the design requirements now that the authorities intend to introduce enforcement and sanctions. Other organizations focus primarily on the collection piece, says Cathrine Löfgren, project manager for the Environment Pack on Innventia.

Naturvårdsverket has planned to finish the mission by January 31, 2016, but the date may be postponed due to the Environment Ministry's ongoing investigation about a municipal collection responsibility for packaging waste.

More information about Naturvårdsverket's missions can be found on Government’s website (see links to the right).

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