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Immediate response on open testbed

March 27th, 60 researchers and business developers from around the world visited LignoCity at Bäckhammars bruk. The interest was high both for how the concept of a test bed, which is open to all, works and how the companies use to develop their products on the spot.

LignoCity is currently the only lignin plant in the world where companies are invited to work side by side and test their ideas on how lignin can be used in new ways. Per Tomani, project manager for LignoCity, is pleased with the visit that had international and regional actors.

"The test bed is located in Värmland and it is equally important to the regional commitment and the international interest in the concept to be successful", says Per Tomani. 

Per Tomani received immediate response from one of the participants who saw a new opportunity for a demonstration of the process they are developing for scaling. 

"It is a good rating. To spread the knowledge that we are contributing to more people who sees an opportunity to develop new products based on lignin without having to own large investments".

The visit of LignoCity offered to all participants as a prelude to the three-day Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference, which was held for the seventh time. This time with RISE Bioeconomy as host. In total, gathered over 200 researchers to present and discuss the latest in research.

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