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What we did, how and why

Innventia's third Global Outlook Report will be published on 24 May 2016: A Cellulose-Based Society, which presents trends and scenarios for a cellulose-based society. In a series of short interviews we take a sneak peek at the report.

Konstantin Sundin

Konstantin Sundin at Innventia has been deeply involved in the production of the report. The work started as far back as 1.5 years ago, and it concludes with the publication in May. But what has been done, how and why? We asked Konstantin.

What have you produced for this report?
To be able to create the report we needed a firm basis on which to stand. We therefore conducted a series of interviews with a hundred or so experts from around the world. They comprised a wide mixture: from people at various research institutions to politicians and students. Obviously, we also gave the major sceptics an opportunity to speak to us.

We then based ourselves on the responses in mapping trends and creating scenarios for the future. Overall this is precisely what it delivered – a firm basis. The constant possibility of being challenged on content, both externally and internally, has been extremely valuable in this work.

How did it proceed?
In the interview phase it involved getting an idea of what is important. Focussing on this enabled us to work according to what the wider world actually thinks. We had two tracks in this phase: 1) ”What do you think?”and 2) ”This is what we think could be the future”. 

Issues dealt with in our interviews included the driving forces, game changers, obstacles and opportunities for a future society based on cellulose. They were conducted by phone, e-mail, and meetings IRL, both in Sweden and throughout the world … 

Based on the responses, we produced what was to be the core of A Cellulose-Based Society: eight trends and four scenarios. The trends are what we are currently aware of and can observe in our surroundings. Much of the data came from the interviews, but it was also important to dare to look outside what we are used to. After all, a trend is not something which takes place within an isolated area, it is something which is encountered time after time – in the majority of sectors and business-models. The scenarios, on the other hand, are based on the global uncertainties which are present today. Weighting them against each other enabled us to produce possible future global outlooks.

Finally, we held an open workshop, where over 60 professionals from different industries had the opportunity to challenge our work. We presented our conclusions: “This is our thesis. What do you think, is it likely or not?“ The discussions were highly rewarding. Of course, some of the trends are more comforting than others, depending on which industry, which background and which driving forces you have yourself – and thereby which challenges you are facing. In this case, we had a wide mixture of different people and activities.

Why did you this?
Creating an idea is one thing, exposing it to industrial stakeholders and getting them to challenge facts, quality and credibility is something entirely different – and that is precisely why we did it.At the same time, we wanted to give them a chance to talk about and reflect on what this actually means for them personally, their companies, society and the climate.

We are now eagerly awaiting the rest of the world's thoughts when we publish the report!

Would you like to find out more? Keep an eye out here on our website for more sneak peeks of A Cellulose-Based Society. You can read the report in its entirety on 24 May.